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A breath of fresh air, bustling vibrant cities, quiet rural villages, small and large towns are never too far away offering everything you need.  Beautiful beach resorts for families and the party crowds, extreme sports, skiing, hiking, fishing and diving are all available.

Re-location or just passing through.

Whether you are relocating or just looking for a holiday, Bulgaria has something for you. See what’s near you, find shops, bars, restaurants, exercise classes and more. Are you already living in Bulgaria become a contributor or share your blog.

Read how easy it is to buy your dream home from a private seller without the aid of a solicitor is possible, it’s easier that you may think as long as you have a government registered translator here. Most agents will provide a solicitor or you choose your own.  We provide an unbiased view to help you decide what is best for you.

We have fallen in love with Bulgaria and have experienced the excitement of searching for our dream home and want to help you find yours.

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